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You and your family can count on Garage Door Repair & Installation of Lewisville for all of your garage door service needs. This is our home too and we are very familiar with the challenges that local weather conditions present. We are also experienced in dealing with building regulations and codes. Our team will strive to exceed all of your expectations of garage doors services. You can also rest easy knowing we will treat your home with care and your budget with great consideration.

Our garage door service company is both locally maintained and administrated. Our entire team understands that a community only operates and grows from that which its people invest. We do everything we can to provide our services with professionalism and the smallest costs possible. Our company has a large amount of experience in this area and we are all aware of what is necessary as well as which methods are most effective and cost efficient.


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Garage door Services We Provide:

  • Garage door repair 
  • Garage Door installation 
  • Garage door opener 
  • Garage door springs 
  • Garage door cables 
  • Commercial garage doors 
  • Residential garage doors 
  • Garage door maintenance

Garage Door Repair & Installations provides several types of contract services. Our dedicated team is made of experts who can competently install your new garage door. This is regardless of if you need a prefab door or, if your project requires a more complex touch of customization. We can also replace your garage door panels to lend new life to your entire home.
Our company offers garage door repair services as well. The first and most effectual answer is not always replacement. Many times we can simply perform some simple repairs and your door will function like it did when you first purchased it. We strive to ensure your peace of mind by offering professional services without the common associated high end costs.
Garage door cables and springs almost always need repairs or replacement long before a new garage door is required. While these are not overly complex procedures, they can be extremely dangerous. Let our experienced professionals handle these matters, if you have no garage door experience. Severe bodily injury can result, if cables and springs recoil or snap unexpectedly.
Garage door opener malfunctions are common among home owners. Our expert team can repair or even replace yours today. We are also competent in installing garage door openers in older homes. We understand that your home may be older, but that you still want all of the technological conveniences of the modern world.

Important Upkeep

One of the most common reason that garage doors require repair or replacement is due to lack of proper maintenance. Most of these are extremely simple; however, they can be tedious and must be performed routinely to prolong garage door life and beauty. Individuals who are constantly on the go cannot find time while others may not be aware of the need. We are happy to perform these procedures for you while you fulfil your other obligations. Our skilled team will always care for your home with the utmost respect. Remember that Garage Door Repair & Installation of Lewisville offers emergency services 24 hours each day, 7 days every week.

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