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Garage door are one of the most important elements of all homes. They provide protection to your family, home, and belongings as well as increase the property’s aesthetic appeal and value. Garage Door Repair & Installation proudly provides expert garage door services to home owners in Garland. Our company is a locally maintained and administered service. Our professional garage door technicians refer to this area as home too. We are very experienced in dealing with the local weather conditions and building regulations. Our team will be glad to help you choose the appropriate products and materials to suit your home’s needs.

We believe that everyone within a community plays an integral role in its economy, expansion, and well-being. Our company only uses materials and products which are of the highest quality construction standards. Our team of technicians is considerate and courteous throughout the process of completing projects no matter how complicated or small they may be. Our techs will consult and collaborate with you from the estimate inspection until after your service complete.

What We Offer

Call on of our expert team members today and inquire about  a garage door installation for you family. We provide an exciting array of choices for materials and styles including doors for older homes which may requires certain customized techniques. Our company will provide your family with superior quality materials and services for the smallest cost available on today’s market.
In a great many situations garage doors only need a few small repairs and do not require replacement. Our experts will inspect your project and provide a price quote which will suit your home’s budget. We can breathe new life into old garage doors just by making simple adjustments, completing minor repairs, and/or replacing certain mechanical components.
Home owners need to be aware of the dangers of certain repairs involving specific garage door elements. These doors are extremely heavy and springs can recoil with great force. If this happens or cable break causing garage doors to fall the results may be disastrous. Place the care of these repairs in the hands of our professional technicians.
Garage door openers are modern conveniences that are extremely handy to have during storms. They also serve as home protection from criminals to both families and homes. There are still some older homes that lack garage door openers and our team of professionals are experienced at installing them. We will be happy to come out to your home to install your opener. They are knowledgeable in repairing broken openers and replacing those worn out as well. We are waiting for your call to help you with your garage service needs. Please contact our office for price quotes today.

Preemptive Maintenance

Home owners should view garage doors as valuable investments and they must properly care for them as they do any other type of investment. The lack of preemptive maintenance is one of the most common causes of garage door malfunctions. Most of these projects are very simple and do not cost much; however, home owners often have numerous other matters to tend to. Our caring professionals will be glad to perform these simple maintenance tasks for you. You can also count on Garage Door Repair & Installation of Garland for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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