Garage Door Roller Replacement

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It is important to determine which type and size rollers your garage door requires before replacing them. You must obtain the exact dimensions of the rollers and consider what your door must withstand or what its function is to be. Should you need a bit of help to clarify the ins and outs of rollers call Dallas TX Garage Door Repair and allow us to simplify things for you. Our professional team can assist you in finding the correct high quality rollers for the job at the smallest possible cost.

Required Materials

It is always best to have all your required materials on hand before beginning any type of project. Listed below are the items that you should have immediately on hand.

  • Pliers
  • Clamp
  • Prybar
  • Large Flathead Screwdriver
  • New Garage Door Rollers
  • An Assistant

First Steps

First, open your garage door to the completely open position. Position your clamp on the track around 2/3 of the way to the opening of your door. Pull the attached release rope to disengage the power source of your garage door opener. Disconnect the opener from the actual outlet as well for added safety insurance. Bend the track open slightly near the top of it using your pliers.

Next, line the first roller up with the opening. Wedge your flathead screwdriver between the track and roller to pry the old roller out. Once the old one has been removed, slip the new roller to insert it inside the track. Lower your garage to the next roller. Repeat the process to remove and replace all the rollers.  

Moving On

Once all four bottom rollers have been reinstalled, you must bend the track to realign it to raise your garage door to the open position once again. You will then need to bend a portion of the track at the center of the overhead section. Ask you assistant to hold the door and prevent it from slipping from the track and injuring your person. Pry out the last old roller and install the new one. Bend the track back in using your pliers.  

Lastly, remove your clamp from the garage door track and plug the automatic opener back into its power source. Use the operation control button to reattach your garage door to the auto-opener. This is commonly located on the garage wall. Lower your garage door to the closed position while observing it in operation to ensure the track is properly realigned.  

Final Touches

If the tracks require any adjustments, loosen the bolts to the side of the track and align it properly. A prybar can provide a bit of leverage that allows you to adjust the track in tiny increments. Systematically retighten all your garage door hardware, screws and bolts. Be aware that even if you did not loosen that piece of hardware, the vibrations from the daily operation of your garage door may have.

Keep in mind that, if you are simply too busy to complete this project by yourself, the pro techs at Dallas TX Garage Door Repair will be happy to visit your home and complete it or any other garage door project you may have on your plate.