How to Choose a Commercial Garage Door

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Choosing a commercial door for your business is an important decision and investment. Business owners should first determine the purpose which it will serve and how much money is in the budget. All of the options and their relative features should be carefully considered. It is a good idea to seek a professional who has the experience to advise you prior to making any commitments. The crew at Garage Door Repair in Dallas, Texas has a vast amount of combined experience on this area. Call on us and allow us to help you with this critical decision process: 214-377-1702

Commercial Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors in commercial settings offer many benefits. They provide enhanced security and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are extremely energy efficient and allow light in for improved visibility. Sectional doors operate fairly quietly even in windier areas; however, they require sufficient headroom or backroom. This greatly depends upon their application. The options of commercial sectional garage doors include ribbed; stile; rail; raised panel; and thermal. These are excellent for professional settings in loading dock situations.  

Commercial Rolling Garage Doors

Business environments which are exceedingly demanding are a good fit for commercial rolling garage doors. This application offers extensive durability and heightened security. Sectional doors are a good choice for close quarter settings of confined spaces unlike sectionals. This is because they only require a small amount of side-room, backroom, and/or headroom. Rolling doors wind around a barrel and are designed with slats which interlock. The two standard types in the rolling door category are counter shutters and service doors. Another option to consider, depending upon the setting, are security grilles.  

Commercial Fire Doors

Commercial fire doors are designed much like rolling doors. They are appropriate for facilities which demand a fire door within a rated fire wall. Fire doors are generally constructed with an auto release made of fusible links which trigger the door to close at around 165 °F. This type of safety door may also be programed for the auto shut feature to respond to the facility’s alarm system or heat/smoke detectors. Counter shutters and service doors also fall into the fire door category.

Commercial Traffic Doors

The design of a traffic door is similar to the rolling door style. In place of the metal curtain this type is made with high strength fabric. This enables the door to pick up momentum as it closes. Traffic doors are appropriate for high cycle applications. They are sturdy and durable o stand up to high traffic abuse. Traffic doors are most commonly installed in restaurants between the dining and kitchen area as well as hospital for quick, smooth entry and exit.   

Garage Door Repair in Dallas is standing by waiting for your call. Our highly trained tech team can present you with options which suit your business environment and its budget. We can assist you in choosing the right door for your situation and we have all of the best brands on speed dial. Just give us a call and let us know exactly what you have in mind.