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Garage Door Opener Brands

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Elements to Weigh

The power and drive of an opener are key to its operating speed. The weight of the door also impacts the speed of operation as well as the life of the opener. There are three standard options for the drive and each has its ups and downs. These include belt, direct, and chain.  

  • There are many features available which range from a push button control to app control via a smartphone.
  • Rolling code is a security feature available with many openers which prevents thieves from gaining access to the garage via its opener code. Security is another crucial element to consider as this is one of the most important benefits a garage door offers in the first place.
  • The price should be considered and weighed against the features to ensure your family receives the most value for each dollar.


Considered Cream of the Crop


The Chamberlain WD962KEV is one of the most popular brands available on the market. This Whisper Drive garage door opener offers premium style features which are generally only found with more expensive, heavy duty models. It is designed with the rolling code. It is compatible with the HomeLink in vehicles and MyQ Home Activation Technology for smartphones.

The belt drive is whisper quiet, generally maintenance free, and this Chamberlain is an excellent option for extra heavy garage doors; however, it may require the extension kit. It features sensor activated auto reverse as well as a halt function, if the beam is interrupted. The Chamberlain is offered for round the $250 mark.


Best Value


The Decko 24300 is a mid-range garage door opener and offers premium performance for the cost. It is belt driven and quieter than expected; however, it is not as quiet as some top of the line models. It is a heavy duty opener at ¾ horsepower and its available extension makes it compatible with doors as large as 8 feet. The Decko includes three remotes, which are compatible with HomeLink, and a key pad for alternative entry. It stands up to the security features of most other models and works with rolling code. The Decko 24300 can be purchased for around the $200 mark.  


Comparable Option


The Sommer Direct Drive Opener 3/4hp is nearly noiseless and has an extension for larger garage doors. It is compatible with HomeLink; however, the system doesn’t not include an exterior key pad for entry. This Sommer provides two remotes which feature the extra security of the rolling code. The Sommer Direct Drive Opener is sold for about $300 in most locations.






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