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Garage Door Maintenance: Do It Yourself

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The most general rule is annual for basic use and semi-annual for large busy families. The expert technicians at Garage Door Repair Dallas TX, are available to maintenance your garage. Pick up the phone and let us know when to visit your home: Call Us Today: 214-377-1702


Look for Trouble


The first step to preventive maintenance is to perform a careful, visual inspection. The door should be opened and closed a few times to see if it shows signs of potential issues. A new noise or jerky movements may be indications of future malfunctions. You should contact a professional, if the door is behaving oddly, has worn places, or warping is visible.  

ü  Simple day to day operation of a garage door can vibrate the hardware loose. It is essential to visually inspect all of the hardware and tighten anything that requires it using a socket wrench.

ü  Pull the release handle to disconnect the opener and manually lift the door to about mid-way up. A garage door which will not remain in place and tries to close may have unbalanced springs, or counterweight system. Correcting any issue concerning garage door springs can be exceedingly dangerous. It is best to call a professional technician at this point.

ü  Examine the garage door rollers for cracks, worn spots, or chips and immediately replace them, if any of these are found. It is recommended that the rollers be inspected at least a couple times each year as well as completely replaced about every 7.

ü  The weather stripping should be examined for dry rot. If it is cracked and brittle, it should be replaced as this can cause a dramatic rise in energy costs.

ü  White lithium grease should be used to lubricate the screw or chain drive. The overhead springs should be lubed with a spray that can generally be purchased from a garage door repair company.

ü  Inspect the bottom roller bracket to look for damage or broken strands. If this require attention, a tech should be contacted. This can be extremely hazardous.


Safety Check


Test the garage door’s auto-revers mechanism by placing an object such as a block to ensure that the door changes direction when it makes contact. Test the sensor by standing safely away and passing something through the path of the beam to ensure that this too causes the door to reverse.

The track should be cleaned and remain free of debris at all times. Carefully inspect the actual garage door for damage caused by water, warping, or rust spots. An all-purpose, mild detergent can be used to clean the door. Garage Door Repair of Dallas offers routinely scheduled preventive maintenance. One of our expert team members will be happy to come to your home and take care of yours. Give us a call to set up your appointment today and get your garage door on track.  



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