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Wood Garage Door Advantages

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Wooden garage doors are our area of expertise. We are very familiar with the installation, repair, and maintenance of wood doors 

Of course, wooden garage doors were the first option available to home owners in times past. Within the last few decades other types of material have been introduced. Many believed that these new materials were better than wood; however, they soon learned that this is a misconception. Wooden garage doors are extremely durable and the number of home owners going back to wood are increasing each year.  They offer many advantages to homes and families.


Wooden Garage Door Benefits



The benefits that wooden garage doors offer greatly outweigh the drawbacks; however, as with all things, they too have a few disadvantages. It is very important to contemplate both sides before choosing any option.

Wooden garage doors offer an almost countless number of design options. These styles do not simply add beauty to the property, but actually dramatically increase the overall value. While beauty is an important element, it is crucial to choose a wooden garage door that has been sealed and finished properly.   

Wooden garage doors, if properly insulated, can reduce energy costs. They provide the home and family protection from extreme weather elements. They are also very durable and can withstand much more than most home owners realize. To be this durable they must not only be sealed and finished, they must be properly maintained and refinished periodically.  

Wooden garage doors are extremely versatile offering home owners many options. It is a simple process to dramatically alter their aesthetic appeal with a fresh coat of paint. Most home owners count this as a huge benefit because they may change the style at any time when they get bored with the old look. Garage Door Repair of Dallas, Texas can effectively give your home a whole new look in no time at all.

One of the most common elements that both business and home owners weigh when it comes to buying decisions is the environment. It some cases, it is actually required by law, while in others it is important to the individuals themselves. In any case, wood garage doors are an excellent option. They offer many environmentally sound benefits.

Wooden garage doors are extremely energy efficient, if they are properly sealed and insulated. Garage Door Repair of Dallas, Texas uses environmentally friendly business practices. We offer garage doors made from sustainable and recycled products. It is also much easier to recycle garage doors made from wood when it is time to replace them. The good news is that none of this compromises the beauty of wooden garage doors.   


Friendly and Professional


Garage Door Repair of Dallas, Texas is the best choice for all of your garage door decisions. We will be happy to guide you through the entire process from choosing the best door to suit your needs, professional installation, and beyond. Our staff is friendly, attentive, and 100% professional. We treat every single client and project with the exact same careful consideration.  



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