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How to Paint Your Garage Door

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One way to lend your home and garage an entirely new look is to paint your garage door. This can increase the resale value of your property. It does not matter whether you want a fresh coat of paint or a whole new look. The process is pretty simple, especially for do it yourselfers. The most this job requires is the free time to complete it.  


Step One:


Ensure that your paint is thoroughly mixed. Pour some into a large cup or container and dip a quality paint brush into your paint. The brush should be about 2 to 2 ½ inches wide and made of nylon/polyester.     




It is best, if the outside temperatures are around 50º to 90º Fahrenheit and with only moderate humidity.


Step Two:


Start on an upper panel of your garage door and apply paint in the recessed region of this panel. Start at the corner of its recess and continue around the perimeter.   


Step Three:


Continue to paint the panel until it is covered completely. Repeat these steps until you have painted all of your garage door panels. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe any excess paint from the stiles. It is a good idea to keep several damp cloths on hand while painting. Simply rinse the paint from them whenever it becomes necessary.  


Step Four:


Use your paint brush to cut in around the garage door perimeter in a section which is about 2 to 3 inches wide. Begin at the upper corner and continue to paint along the walls.



Re-dip brush as it begins to dry to keep the edge wet.  



Step Five:


Fill a tray with a decent amount of fresh paint from the bucket Load a paint roller with fresh paint. The best roller size for this job is one which is about 3/8 inch or only slightly larger.  

Hint: Consider using a bucket grid and five gallon bucket for large areas.


Step Six:


Use your roller to paint stiles along the perimeter of every panel. Continue this process until the garage door is completely painted.  


Door Frame


Step One:

Start at the top of your garage door frame and, using your brush, paint the inside of it.  




Work your way outward from the edge of your garage door for the frame.


Step Two:


Continue painting until your door frame has been completed. Use a damp, clean cloth to remove wet paint from the trim.  


Door Trim


Step One:


Begin at the upper corner of your garage door trim and paint the edge on the side of the trim at the point in which it meets with the wall. Continue to paint all of the edges of your garage door trim.  




Reload your paint brush as needed to retain a wet edge.


Step Two:


Return to the top of your garage door trim and start painting face on the garage door trim.


Step Three:


Continue painting until your garage door trim has been completed.

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