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How to Organize your Garage Space

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Organization is a Process


The first step to organizing anything is to assess the situation and decide on a step by step procedure. The first decision is to determine why this needs to be done and what the new space will be used for. For example, some home owners simply want to clean and organize. Others have more specific reasons such as designing a workspace or making room for a new vehicle. Some families reorganize their garages to create a living space for an older child.

Once the reason behind the project is determined it makes the rest of the steps much easier. The garage will need to be emptied to thoroughly clean it. Place blankets, tarps, or even boxes in the drive way and organize items as they are pulled out. Once the area is cleared sweep the entire area including walls and the wash. If it needs a fresh coat of paint, this is the best and easiest time to do this.

Be sure to place similar items together while emptying the garage. Put all power tools in one spot and garden tools in another. Try to combine all holiday decorations together. This way it will be easier to find what is needed and put those away which are not at this time. Some things will be easier to categorize than others. In the beginning it may be necessary to relabel categories until everything has a place.

This step is a little difficult for some home owners. Many objects have sentimental value as they are connected to fond memories of friends, and family. Try to set a goal ahead of time and stick to it. For example, commit to eliminating 50% of the stuff. It does not have to be thrown away. Give unneeded items to the needy, donate them to a church, or have a yard sale then use the profit to repaint the garage. Remember that this step is difficult, but determination is the key.


What now?


Once the garage is empty and clean it is time to put what is left back. It is important to consider how this should be done. Even if half the stuff is now gone, but no organization is used to replace the items, it will still be a mess. It will not take very long for the garage to again look like it did when the project was started.

There are several very useful and inexpensive items that may be used to organize the garage. Holiday decorations can be stored in tote bins and sports equipment can be put into large trash cans. Many tools may be sorted and hung on peg boards from hand tools to handled tools. A cabinet or set of shelves mounted on the wall could be used to store chemicals and cleaning supplies.

One of the greatest weapons that home owners have in the battle against clutter is their imaginations. Try to be creative while finding methods to store old items. Try to be sensible while sorting valuables from trash. Once the entire process is finished the entire family will be happier and there will be a clear space for new, exciting projects. The hardest step to organizing is getting started.



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