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How to Choose Garage Door Seals

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Seals are an integral component of garage doors as they provide security, protection, and comfort. The most frequent suggestion is to implement a set to completely seal all sides of your garage door. Most seals are not expensive and are relatively simple to install. With that being said, it is important to only use high quality products and that the seals be installed properly.   


Garage Door: The Bottom Seal


Most commonly sold bottom seal designed for garage doors is made of vinyl or rubber. It is important that it be extremely flexible as it is to be affixed to the lower edge of your garage door. This allows it to compress properly when you close your garage door. It prevents water, pests, cold air, or hot air, and dirt from entering the garage from the gap below the door. This function also prevents serious and costly damage to your garage door. One type of bottom seal is for those that have a track made of aluminum which the seal rests inside of. For two vehicle garages this type is around $40.  


Another style bottom seal is one that is installed with wood garage doors. This type costs less and is simple a single strip of rubber. The most effective method of determining if this style garage door seal requires replacement is that daylight can peep through even when the door is in the closed position.  


Garage Door: The Threshold Seal


The threshold seal has basically the same function as the one described above. The difference is that this one must be affixed to the floor as opposed to the bottom of the door. This vinyl seal generally includes an adhesive in the packaging. It is essential to choose one that is made from high quality vinyl. An average cost for a two car garage threshold seal is around $70. Keep in mind that while it may prevent rain from entering the garage, it will also make it more difficult to sweep water out of the garage as well.  


Garage Door: Weather-stripping


The top and sides of your garage should be properly sealed as well. There is what is known as garage door weather-stripping available for this job. A strip 30 feet long is usually around $20 at most home improvement stores. Weather-stripping installation is pretty simple with the enclosed tracks. This should be done in addition to installing the threshold and bottom seal for ultimate protection.  

You might also consider purchasing a weather-stripping kit. Once you have the kit the only other required items to seal the entire garage door are a utility knife, drill, and screwdriver. This kit for a two car garage runs anywhere from $70 t above $100.  


Garage door seals are very important as they protect your garage and vehicles from the harsh weather elements. They also keep your family comfortable while storms may be raging outside. Garage door seals dramatically reduce your energy consumption thereby decrease your overall household energy costs. Remember that Garage Door Cowboys of Austin, Texas is always available to complete any garage door maintenance project for you in a professional, affordable, and timely manner.  




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