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Glass Garage Doors

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Glass garage doors are not a common element of homes as yet; however, they are quickly gaining popularity. Many home owners do not realize that glass doors are actually very durable. They allow a great deal of light transmission while retaining any amount of privacy preferred. Glass garage doors are an aesthetically pleasing alternative for commercial and residential applications. They provide an element of unique elegance.

Glass garage doors are made of tempered glass which is extremely durable and thick aluminum supports them. It adds modern beauty to any home which looks absolutely gorgeous from the street. It provides a warm, welcoming glow to residents when they come home. There are several different options to control the degree of light allowance and privacy.


 Advantages of Glass Garage Doors


Glass garage doors provide numerous benefits to home owners and their families. All of these should be carefully weighed against the family’s needs. The best route to take is to consult a professional garage technician about style and price options before deciding. 

Glass garage doors give the illusion of a larger space. Many home owners today incorporate their living space into their garages. In these situations glass doors create a seamless integration between the living space and the garage area. They allow residents to view the outside world while still under protection from harsh weather elements. Glass garage doors are much more attractive than static walls adding more dimension and depth.   

Glass garage doors can greatly reduce energy consumption for home owners while adding curb appeal to their property. As the glass allows sunlight to permeate the living space, it requires less energy to power lights. It also provide a natural heat source from the sun further decreasing energy costs.   

The aluminum framing and glass panels offer a wide range of glazing choices so home owners may match the décor of their homes. Brown, white, and tinted as well as a number of grain looks are among some of the options. There are also many options of the glass transparency and colored glass is also available.

Glass garage doors are extremely customizable. This provides freedom to home owners during the decorating process. They can have their garage door customized to suit their families’ specific needs. For example, as mentioned, individuals may choose a wide range of transparency from crystal clear to opaque depending on their preferences.  


Final Thoughts


There are several items home owners must take into consideration, if they are leaning toward the purchase of a glass garage door. One is budget because while this type of door does offer many advantages it is more expensive as well. It is essential to keep a budget in mind.

The local weather is an important consideration. While glass garage doors allow light in and can reduce the cost of heating they can increase energy consumption is very warm climates. On the other hand many glass doors are not always as insulated as others. This may actually increase the cost for those in consistently frigid areas. 

With all of the many options of style and price it is often better to consult a professional garage door technician. These individuals are experienced, educated, and familiar with the weather in the area. There are numerous details to consider and most professionals are generally happy to guide home owners in this process.  



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