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Commercial Garage Door Sizes

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One aspect of new business ownership that should be carefully considered is commercial garage door sizes and types. It is important to know what sizes are available as well as what size is required for your specific needs. It is also essential that you are able to communicate your needs to suppliers while choosing your garage door. This will assist you in negotiating a better price during your search for a commercial garage door.  


Commercial Garage Door Styles


The two most commonly sold types of commercial garage doors are roll up and overhead doors. Roll up commercial garage doors are perfect for storage facilities and mini warehouses. They are usually made of sheets of roll formed steel which has hemmed groves. This forms a continual sheet which is vertically guided.  Overhead commercial garage doors are specifically designed to withstand years of commercial abuse, even in extremely challenging settings. They are the most commonly sold for industrial environments. When these doors are coupled with insulated qualities they are unbeatable in harsher weather.


Commercial Garage Door Sizes


Standard commercial overhead garage doors are 32’ by 2” in width and 24’ by 1” high. It is a good idea to shop around and explore different suppliers to find the highest quality projects and most affordable prices. Ask colleague which works best for them and do a little research to determine which suits your unique business needs.  

Roll up commercial garage doors seem to be somewhat easier to operate and may be better, if the business receives and sends numerous shipments. Standard roll up commercial garage doors are generally 30’ by 4” and 28’ by 4”. Either type of commercial garage door should be viewed as a business investment.

Make sure the company you deal with provides a warranty. Typical commercial garage door warranties range from 1 to 3 years. This depends upon the style of door, the brand, manufacturing company, and supplier. Always ask about the warranty to protect your investment.  

Insulated commercial garage doors are another available option and this type prevents moisture from seeping in. They generally measure 30’ by 2” and 24’ by 1”. If your company will deal in materials that are vulnerable to moisture and corrosion, you should consider purchasing an insulated commercial garage door. Vulnerable materials include items that are perishable and those made of metal. An insulated door may cost your business slightly more up front; however, this investment will save money, time, and hassle in the future.  


Informed Purchase Decision


Be sure to do some internet research and call a number of commercial garage door supply companies. Find out what all of the pros and cons of each are as well as which will help your business to achieve optimal operation capacity. Being armed with this type of information will help you find the best quality and east expensive investment. Contact Garage Door Repair in Dallas, Texas to discuss your commercial garage door needs and all of your options.

Understanding commercial garage door sizes will help you while reviewing your options. Consider whether your business will need to load and unload products often as well as what size vehicles your business will be operating. Call one of our experts at Garage Door Repair of Dallas, Texas for assistance in choosing your businesses next investment.



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